Journey to Extraordinary_ The Creekmores

Blue Chalk was commissioned by T Brand Studio, the custom content studio in the Advertising Department of The New York Times, to produce a series of four films for their client, Holiday Inn. “Journey to Extraordinary: The Creekmores” follows a father and his two daughters as they carry out a vow that they made to their mother, Trisha Creekmore, who passed away from breast cancer in 2012.

During the initial stage of Trisha’s diagnosis, the Creekmores vowed to spend 52 weeks traveling together as a family. Shortly after returning from a journey to Africa, Trisha took her last breath at the age of 48. Her final advice to her daughters: “Be who you are. Respect yourself. Take the rabbit hole.”

Since her passing, David, Emma, and Lily Creekmore have found healing by carrying out the last half of their 52 weeks of travel. “Extraordinary Journeys: The Creekmores” joins them on their latest adventure to Key Largo, Florida. We hope you enjoy their story, as they continue to take the rabbit hole.

ROLES: Story and field producer