Amy leapt into filmmaking full time in 2013 after nearly two decades of writing, editing, photo editing, and producing and directing short films for publications such as National Parks, National Wildlife, and International Wildlife magazines. She is the founder and co-director of the award-winning National Park Experience film series (NPX), where diverse and cultural stories within the national parks have appeared in film festivals, at brand-sponsored events, and on PBS.org.  

Amy is currently working on two feature documentaries: "CONFLUENCE," the last in the NPX series; and "RAMRO," a 25-year-long journey of a climber whose life veered sharply off-course after suffering a bizarre and mysterious invisible wound during a Himalayan expedition in 1994. 

Amy performs a variety of roles as a freelancer, and is sought after as a director, story producer, writer, story editor, story consultant, workshop coach, guest instructor, festival judge, and panelist.